Are Online Casino Games Rigged? Unveiling Casinos Hidden Secrets

Do you feel like the casino is taking advantage of you? Does the game keep crashing when you are about to make a win at online-casino-1 ? All these fears reflect the case of a rigged casino game. The rigging of casino games gives the house advantage over the player. Find out more about online rigging below.

Losing Bets Inconsistently

Online slots are made from pure luck by the player. Therefore, it should not happen to make losses over and over again. In case you keep losing at a slot game continuously, it should raise some eyebrows. Playing genuine casino games comes with winning some bets while losing others per gaming session at the casino.

  • No betting values
  • Winning is random

Unfortunately, some players do not understand that you can lose more times than you win. It is part of the casino architecture of making a profit. If all players made wins at the casino, the casino would shut down. In case you make a loss at the casino, you should consider switching your strategy.

Game Keeps Crashing

Imagine when you are about to make a win, and the game crashes? It is a challenge dreaded by most online players. First, it appears at the most inconvenient times. It could happen at a time when you are on a winning streak. What happens next? The casino confiscates your winnings due to a technical problem.

Playing from the best online casinos prevents such moment from happening. The sites are professional and run smoothly without any interruptions. In case of any technical issue, the casino responds by offering an instant resolution. Always ensure you are playing from the best online casino to prevent such scenarios from happening to you.

Random Number Generators

Casino games run on computer software that generates wins and losses at the casino. One software common in a multitude of online casinos is the random number generator. The RNG refers to a computerized system engraved in the architecture of the computer that generates random numbers when a player spins the reels.

The RNG ensures that the outcomes for the casino games are purely random. The RNG generates random numbers that translate into results with each spin at the casino. It ensures that the chances of making a win at the casino remain random from one player to the next. Your chances of winning remain purely random.

  • RNG is computerized
  • Results remain random

Independent Auditing of Casino

Do you trust the casino to offer fair and legit casino games? It is hard to trust an unknown business owner to offer legit casino games. It is where third parties step in to audit the casino games for fairness. The auditing process is held by independent companies that test the casino games.

The independent companies audit the casino games of any rigging. Furthermore, the firms audit other aspects of the game, such as how the casino deals with complaints from clients. After completing the testing process, there is a certification of authenticity offered by firms such as eCogra Online Testing Gaming Regulation and Licensing.

  • iTech labs
  • TST

Licensing and Regulation

All online casino must be licensed and regulated before taking part in gambling activities. Therefore, the best way of ensuring you are playing from a legit online casino is playing from a licensed one. Licensing ensures that the online casino complies to the relevant gambling laws applied in the region before offering casino games.

There are no universal laws for governing online casinos. Each country evokes its own gambling laws. Therefore, an online casino must show compliance with the gambling laws of the region they operate in. Some popular governing authorities include UK Gambling Commission, Alderney Gaming Licensed, Malta Gaming Authority and Curacao Gaming Regulation among many more.

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